Uncontrolled Immigration
Multi-culturalism and its social effects

Uncontrolled immigration

Net migration of 330,000 this year has placed severe pressure on the NHS, Education, Welfare and Housing The latest growth predictions compiled by the ONS are that the UK population could grow from the current 63.7m to just under 78m by 2037. The pressure on the NHS etc is unthinkable. The prospect of further growth of multiculturalism is unacceptable unless we want a society totally divided along the lines of religion and culture and where the indigenous population lose their indentity and become the minority.

Multiculturalism – the theory behind multiculturalism sounds fine – it is a left-wing doctrine which encourages migrants to keep their own culture rather than integrate into the British way of life. It became a problem when the establishment placed minority faiths and cultures above that of the host country in terms of importance.Public authorites took down crosses in case minority faiths were offended when in fact they were not offended. Bibles were removed from hotels for the same reason.

Political Correctness quickly took over and anyone who criticised the effect on the British way of life was described as xenophobic, islamaphobic, racist etc – the tin of labels used to silence people is huge. Public debate was stifled as people feared being labelled by PC zealots.It deepened when Asian gangs in Rotherham groomed young white girls and subjected them to sexual abuse. None of the agencies who should have protected them including Police, Social Services and local authorities could bring themselves to call time on the abuse.

Quotas and special priviledges are being demanded by self serving groups and the indigenous population had better get used to being called hideously white - Greg Dyke,when BBC Director General said: 'I think the BBC is hideously white. I think the BBC is a predominantly white organisation. The figures we have at the moment suggest that quite a lot of people from different ethnic backgrounds that we do attract to the BBC leave. Maybe they don't feel at home, maybe they don't feel welcome.'

Greg Dyke as Chairman of the FA claimed the FA Council is ‘overwhelmingly male and white’…”old white males” et al and says the issue must be tackled. Note it is ok to label white men in a derogatory way as they do not form part of a protected group.

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http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12841/Dyke-BBC-hideously-white.html#ixzz3qSQBHvj4 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2707458/FA-Council-white-male-represent-players-fans-says-Greg-Dyke.html#ixzz3qTQYIVwf

As the population gradually climbs towards 78 million the effects of multiculturalism and political correctness will only get worse. The man who knows what he is talking about is Trevor Phillips, former Chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, who after years of supporting multiculturalism now sees the error of his ways

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