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We have now completed our MPs for Brexit survey in Somerset and are pleased that they are all in accord with Brexit and all that it implies which is:

  • Sovereignty – taking back our sovereign powers is the prime objective as all changes will flow from there. Repealing the 1972 Communities Act which in one stroke will restore our sovereign powers to Parliament. This will include full control over more than 40 years of rules, regulations and directives which we can then repeal, amend or retain as we see fit and in our own time.
  • Exiting the EU – a total exit from the EU without any political ties or payments to the EU budget.
  • Removal of Freedom of Movement – no other country in the world eg.USA , would accept freedom of movement into their country as a condition of a Trade Agreement. The UK will not accept this as part of any deal.
  • Trade and the Single Market – the UK intends to trade with the Single Market but will not be part of the Single Market which would entail us being signed up to all their rules and regulations, payments to their budget and subject to the European Court of Justice.
  • World Trade – the UK will be free to create Trade Agreements throughout the world (pop.7bn) as well as a Trade Agreement with the EU (pop 0.5bn). A global approach to trade instead of dependence on the EU will ensure inward investment and secure jobs.
  • British Bill of Rights – the Human Rights Act of 1998 subjected all final decisions on human rights to the European Court of Human Rights. The UK will set up a British Bill of Rights which passes supremacy back to the UK Supreme Court.
  • Immigration and control – the UK will exert a robust Border Control and Immigration Act to ensure that we have full control of borders and numbers entering the UK.
  • Other issues – these will include Fisheries, rights of UK citizens in the EU and corresponding rights of EU citizens in the UK, European Health Insurance Cards all of which will form part of the negotiations.

Country before Party

This election is, without doubt, the most important one in our lifetime. If you believe in Brexit this will only happen if you place your Country before Party. The Conservatives are the only party capable of achieving Brexit. So, it does not matter if you are Labour, Liberal, UKIP, SNP or Green – if you really want to achieve our total freedom from the dictatorship of the EU, this will only happen if you vote Conservative and ensure that they hold a comfortable majority after the election.

After Brexit is achieved you can return to your Party and push for the type of country you want to have when we are out of the EU. A country which will be free to make its own choices regarding global trade, immigration control, human rights and Laws without outside interference.

The future will be bright outside the EU – we can continue to maintain a good working relationship with the EU, but we will also be free to develop an outward working relationship with the rest of the world.

Please vote Conservative and give Theresa May all the support that she will need to achieve a good Brexit deal.

Stephen Fitzgerald – Project Leader SOEU June 3rd 2017

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Referendum results for Somerset

Final Referendum Result June 23rd 2016


89714 68451 76.3 68414 26545 41869 38.8 61.2

West Somert.

27478 21755 79.2 21734 8566 13168 39.4 60.6

South Somt.

126495 99535 78.7 99467 42527 56940 42.8 57.2

Taunton Dean

84164 65789 78.2 65733 30944 34789 47.1 52.9

North Somt

160860 124637 77.5 124548 59572 64976 47.8 52.2


85068 65529 77 65455 33427 32028 51.1 48.9


136522 105300 77.1 105230 60878 44352 57.9 42.1
Total 710751 550996 77.5 550581 262549 288122 47.7 52.3
UK 33,551,983 72.2 16,141,241 17,410,742 48 52



The first battle has been won and Somerset voters played their part in full
– we now need to ensure that Brexit is applied in full

On 23rd June 2016 the UK held a Referendum asking whether we should Remain or Leave the EU. The result was Remain 16,141,241 votes (48.1%) Leave 17,410,742 votes (51.9%)- Turnout 72.2%. This was the People’s decision and the Prime Minister, David Cameron accepted the result commenting “The British people have voted to leave the European Union and their will must be respected. The will of the British people is an instruction that must be delivered”.

John Penrose a former Remain MP has said: "Brexit means Brexit. The people have spoken”.

Senior Tory sources say the new Tory leader, Theresa May, has already drawn up the key red lines that must be included before she will accept any agreement on the country’s future relationship with Brussels.

Number one item on the list will be the ending free movement for EU citizens to come to the UK.

She is also determined to ensure that the EU's Court of Justice no longer has any supremacy over UK law.

A source close to the Tory leader said: "The clear message from the EU referendum was that people want us to get back control of our borders. Theresa is absolutely determined to do that."

The issue is no longer a party issue, nor the issue of an individual MP. The people have spoken and it is incumbent on all MPs to deliver the instruction.



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