Freedom and Democracy

Democracy in the UK – THE European Project

The European Project was sold as a trading bloc with no loss of sovereignty. Past Prime Ministers gave away our sovereignty with the result that Parliament no longer has full control of our laws, immigration, borders, energy policy, fishing rights, employment laws and financial matters. Indeed most of the elements which constitute a national state. All parties colluded as powers were given away – no reference was made to the electorate. Any complaints were met with accusations of being racist or anti-European.

Democracy in the EU

An unelected Commission of 28 people, drawn from each of the member states propose all legislation and control us through Treaties, Directives and Regulations. The EU parliament consisting of MEPs from all of the member countries act as a talking shop and little else.

So we have small Directives which instruct us on how many watts our hairdryers, vacuum cleaners or ovens can run to through to important ones like the Large Combustion Directive which has instructed us to close down our coal-fired power stations because of carbon emmissions. And , of course we should not forget the Water Habitat Directives which caused so much disaster on the Somerset Levels.

It has been estimated that around 65% of our laws either emanate from the EU or are influenced by the EU.

Renegotiation of membership terms

Mr Cameron is attempting to renegotiating our terms of E.U. membership. They are the same terms and conditions that previous Prime Ministers (of ALL parties) have agreed and signed up to. In other words, the E.U. have not imposed terms and conditions on our membership, without the full consent of our Government.

But the UK Government have not sought the agreement of the electorate. The last (and only) time that the British public have voted on our membership was in 1975, when the electorate agreed to join a trading bloc, not a Political Union. Our membership of the E.U. is having a profound effect on every person living and working in Somerset (indeed for every British Citizen).

For far too long senior politicians have denied that our membership is flawed and have denied the fact that E.U. policies are having a detrimental effect on our citizens. The referendum of our continued E.U. membership is, without doubt, the most important decision for our countries future.

In all respects it is the loss of our sovereignty, or ability to manage our own affairs which has led us to where we are now and is directly responsible for unchecked levels of immigration leading to heavy pressure on our housing, education,NHS services and Welfare provision. It is also responsible for the closure of power stations, loss of our fishing industry, inability to remove undesirable terrorists, rapists, murderers etc from our shores. You have only one sensible decision to make at the Referendum –

Leave the EU