The effect on the people of Somerset
of being part of the E.U.

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Post Office closures in Somerset

This was the result of the EU Postal Services Directive – its core policy was :

The case for the damaging effect on the county, the risk of closures of village shops etc met deaf ears. What was more important was completing the Single Market and ensuring the correct implementation of EU legislation

Winter Floods on the Somerset Levels in 2014

Somerset levels floods

A Daily Mail article on 9th February 2014 by David Rose concerning a 250 page Environment Agency document (issued in 2008) on flood risk revealed:

In truth, the Environment Agency was only working to EU Directives which caused this Environmental Vandalism, not from the point of view of a great water parsnip but from the point of view of real people who lived and worked in the area.

Employment practices

Advert, English speaking not important

In order to be able to welcome immigrants we must have controlled immigration, infrastructure to take account of the increased numbers and an obligation for immigrants to conform to the British way of life. At the moment we have none of these.

Furthermore, none of this would have happened if we had not lost our sovereignty in 1973 when Heath took us into the “Common Market”.

Sovereignty is a simple word but with huge implications – it simply means “having supreme control over one’s affairs, without any interference from outside sources or bodies” Our parliament has over the years been reduced to the equivalent of a County Council which takes its orders from parliament or in this case from the unelected EU.

"There are some in this country who fear that in going into Europe we shall in some way sacrifice independence and sovereignty. These fears, I need hardly say, are completely unjustified."

Prime Minister Edward Heath, television broadcast on Britain's entry into the Common Market, January 1973

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