Both David Cameron and Theresa May have clearly stated that Brexit means Brexit. Mrs.May has appointed three known Brexiteers to get on with the job. They are MP David Davis, Secretary of State for exiting the EU ; MP Boris Johnson , Foreign Secretary ; and MP Liam Fox, Secretary of State for International Trade. All three will form a powerful Brexit team headed up by Theresa May.

What does Brexit mean?

#British Bill of Rights - to replace the 1998 Human Rights Act which will mean that the European Court of Human Rights is no longer binding over the UK Supreme Court. Germany has already dealt with this problem by ruling that if there is conflict between German Basic Law and the ECHR, then the Basic Law prevails over the Convention. The Human Rights Act failed to offer similar protection to the UK.

In summary, MPS4BREXIT are asking all MPs to support Brexit, as outlined above, starting in Somerset and being pushed out throughout the UK. The People need to be assured that our politicians are in full support of the outcome of the Referendum which produced a 52%/48% vote to leave the EU. We are aware that there are Remain MPs who wish to stop Brexit as well as Leave MPs who are backtracking on the removal of Freedom of Movement. We are deeply concerned as this would derail the purpose of the referendum. We need to secure the support of all MPs.

To this end we are contacting all Somerset MPs to ensure that they are fully committed to Brexit.

Leave MPs at the time of the Referendum Remain MPs at the time of the Referendum
Somerton and Frome – David Warburton MP Weston-super-Mare – John Penrose MP
North Somerset – Liam Fox MP Taunton – Rebecca Pow MP
NE Somerset – Jacob Rees-Mogg MP Wells - James Heappy MP
Yeovil – Marcus Fysh MP  
Not yet committed at the time of the Referendum
Bridgwater and West Somerset – Ian Liddell-Grainger MP.  



Mr.Liddell-Grainger has become the first Somerset MP
to sign up for BREXIT


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